GEOsitiFVG The App on Geosites of Friuli Venezia Giulia

Geosites are "places or areas with geological features of intrinsic interest, such as to enable the understanding of Earth's history, of its rocks, minerals, fossils and landscapes". Among the geological sites of particular interest in understanding the evolution of the Earth there are geomorphosites, ie geosites with geomorphological characteristics that enable the understanding of the dynamics and morphology of the land surface. Geosites therefore intended as striking evolutionary stages. Geosites to intrigue, engage and fascinate. Geosites to learn to look in a new, different way what the territory has passed onto us through time as a perpetual museum, always accessible to the public. And finally geosites to increase the value of the territory, being the whole of them the so-called geological heritage.

This guide will take you to the discovery of Geosites of Friuli Venezia Giulia, will allow you to get to the sites, to explore their features and view pdf of the geological site.

The App is also available for Windows Phone

  • completion date - 15-09-2015