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Confindustria Udine - App Mobile and management system

With the App Confindustria Udine we want to overcome the limitations of e-mail communication using new digital channels for transit of information: Push notification, personal communication and pushing personalization of information.

With the App Confindutria Udine all this is possible: immediate display of conferences and courses, receiving push notifications when notice of a meeting or of a course that is part of the indicated areas of interest is issued, registration to courses/conferences and reception via push notification of a reminder the day before the event.

The app was therefore conceived as a real personal diary which resides in the entrepreneur's mobile device itself and is filled with specific content. In fact, the entrepreneur is also informed, both in a classic way and via notification, on meetings at which he was invited to take part (management, product group meetings, etc ...) and can register directly without having to email, make phone calls or contact a secretariat. The contents are treated as a centralized management system that sends data to the App and receives information from users. Organizational secretaries of Confindustria, for their part, have a simple but effective organizational tool that allows downloading updated lists of registered participants in the meetings, and more.

  • completion date - 07-08-2015