CSMON-LIFE - Mobile App

The new Apps of CSMON-LIFE are available for both iOS and Android devices.
They allow citizens to participate to te observation of target species related to several environmental issues, such as:
- the loss of biodiversity because of the presence of alien species;
- the effects of climate change;
- the conservation of rare species;
- the human impact on environment.
The data - once validated by experts - will be accessible in the portal of CSMON-LIFE. All the validated data will also feed the database of the National Biodiversity Network (NNB), a national effort promoted by the Italian Ministry of Environment.

New features (October 2015)

The App, Android version, is renewed with version 2.0 by placing two functions requested loudly by users:
1- you can view the campaigns  and the species, even without Internet. In the moment in which a campaign is selected the device will download the data of the species in the device.
2 - sending observations when on line. Now you can make reports, save them to your device and send it when your cell phone has 3G connection.
With these two functions now becomes possible monitoring campaigns even where there is no data signal 3G / 4G making the App more usable to enthusiasts Citizen Scientist.

  • completion date - 30-11-2014